Wmg Investment Management Group

Wmg Investment Management Group
The WMG Group was based in 1990 as a versatile in Trading & Industrial as well as Investments Management Group in Ukraine. Our wide interests and activities are submitted from Int'l Trading to High & Applied Technologies, Machinery, Tools, Lubricants, Special Optic & Laser devices, etc. ; also various Goods, Material & Equipment sourcing; Leasing, Engineering & Innovation; assistance in Export /Import, Markets Searching and Interstate Trade Development, Match-Making and JV basing, Large Real-Estate & Property, trading and construction projects' promoting, also technical and various business services for companies in Ukraine, CIS & Internationally via our Associated companies in the world.
Our special attention is devoted to Agro-industry as well. We promotes foreign state-of-the-art Products & Technologies into Ukrainian marketplace, also we provide the foreign Investors with Investments Management, Allotment and Diversification also Investments Use Control invested in Business Projects, JV, Property, Banking etc. as well as we provide with wide legal services including in field of Intellectual Property Protection in Ukraine.
Interested Foreign Investors and Qualified Companies active in various industries are invited to launch their business in Ukraine jointly with our group!
Alexey Kuzmin
[380] 432 358348
7 / 25, Grushevskogo
Vinnitsa, Vinnitsa Region, 21050, Ukraine
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Alexey Kuzmin
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